We dress men and women for new jobs and job interviews.
Empowering those who need it most.

Styleguise customers have been booking Closet Edit’s in New York and LA and beyond. Our stylists have always recommend what to donate or sell as well as making new outfits from clothes customers already own. We have been so fortunate to have clients that donate their unwanted clothes to Styleguise Charity.
We decided instead of dropping these great clothes to donations centers we would repurpose the clothes ourselves, in an even more meaningful way.
Each month Styleguise chooses a family in need. They maybe a single mother or father, a person seeking a new job, or someone who already has a job and needs to look the part. We source clothes in their sizes from our network of stylists and clients and inventory of donated clothes.
We dont stop there.
Next we dress, style, and fit our lovely recipient and take their look to new heights. We set them up for success with a work appropriate outfits.

Donate your unwanted work clothes today. And help empower those around you.