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Goldie Rush is an artist and aesthetics expert based in NYC and LA. She works as a fashion designer, stylist and image consultant. Often her work combines these three skills to perform miraculous personal style transformations!

GOLDIE IS BASED in NYC - BROOKLYN. She is $300/hour.

GOLDIE IS BASED in NYC - BROOKLYN. She is $300/hour.

Born with a love for all things beautiful, Goldie Rush was raised in Redondo Beach LA and exudes the bohemian chic and free spirited charm of The South Bay. Following her childhood dreams she graduated from The Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising and immediately began to shine on the LA fashion scene.

As an inspiration facilitator for the famous vintage boutique The Way We Wore she provided pieces for the likes of John Galliano and Alexander McQueen. And as a stylist she worked with The Pussy Cat Dolls at The Viper Room and assisted on the shoot for Lady Gaga's Paparazzi.

With an ambition for the bicoastal lifestyle she relocated to New York and was picked up by MTV as a stylist for their hip music show Iggy. This led to her styling Iceandic supergroup Of Monsters and Men, who asked her to style them again for their performance on Saturday Night Live. She continues to be in demand for her styling skills which is no surprise as Goldie has a unique and trusted visual sense and a knack for making magic happen!


Goldie has also created a career for herself as Image Consultant. It is a role that allows her to utilize her incredible stylistic intuition, fashion knowledge and instinct for caring to perform personal style transformations that change lives!

But ultimately, Goldie is a very talented artist and fashion designer, known for her unique off the wall creations that express her colorful and spontaneous personality. Often times prefering to design outside with natural light for inspiration, she makes quirky and daring art to wear pieces that are perfect for performances and have been proving very popular. Increasingly, Goldie has been able to combine her many talents into an all in one service that allows her to help her clients as a true artist and aesthetics expert.