High Fashion Athleisure

Athleisure is now a staple in our closets. Adding elements like an oversized statement bag or architectural sunglasses elevated what we used to only wear to the gym.


Bags - Our girl-on-the-go needs a bag that matches her lifestyle. For a travel ready outfit pair your athleisure with designer luggage, or try the latest trend and grab a fanny from Mom’s closet. Better known now as a belt bag!


Sunglasses - Sunglasses with clean lines and architectural details read richer than your average pair. Finding the perfect style seems to transform more than just you look, but your confidence too.


Shoes - While you could always tuck your sweats into a tall boot or throw on a pair on heel with a tracksuit for an instant outfit upgrade, we know that athleisure is still meant to be comfortable and practical. Lucky, designers now many sneakers worthy of a runway, shop some of our favorites below.